Year: 2019 | Production: Limited edition | Material: Silver
Commission: Rishon le Zion Museum, Israel

The craft of drying flowers was commonplace in our region already 150 years ago. Albums decorated with brittle blooms were sold as souvenirs from the Holy Land and so reinforced the connection between the local vegetation and religious reference.  Later, after the establishment of the State, the dried wildflowers were mobilized to support the Zionist ideology, as they drew a direct line to the biblical period and were laden with the new symbolic significance of resurrection and bereavement.  

The "Commonplace” project explores the local natural surroundings, as a source of inspiration free of any surplus baggage. The project presents a collection of lapel pins – metal pieces of jewelry positioned on the seam line between organic impressions and mechanical actions, and thereby obscuring the border between the natural world and production processes. This creation seeks the poetics found in the manual craft and collects wild hopes, which grow between clefts.

dried local flowers - “souvenir of the holy-land” book

dried local flowers - “souvenir of the holy-land” book