photo: Sagit Friedman-Hallel

photo: Sagit Friedman-Hallel

“We spend most of our time helping objects feel better about themselves"

Since our graduation from the Industrial Design department at HIT, we have been working side by side as partners in life and in the studio. We started working on our kitchen table, trying to carve our independent path of expressing our thoughts about design and our feelings towards objects.
Now, although the studio is more established, and the path seems somewhat clearer, we are keeping the excitement alive by blessing every opportunity to be completely ignorant, learning new skills and being bothered by new ideas. Design is neither our job nor our profession; it is completely weaved into our daily lives. Together, we are Reddish. 


Founded in 2002 by Naama Steinbock (1975) and Idan Friedman (1975) Reddish is a product design studio based in Jaffa, Israel. They operate in a territory in which designers work as researchers and creators, and function as cultural agents that mediates between people and objects. They offer new concepts and product planning for clients, as well as initiating design projects and curating exhibitions.  
Naama and Idan graduated with distinction from H.I.T (Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Israel) where Naama is a senior lecturer at the Industrial design department. Together they hold workshops and lectures both in Israel and abroad.


2014 FORM#2014 Award | Tendence | Frankfurt, Germany
2009 The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Award for Industrial Design | Furniture design category | Israel
2008 The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Award for Industrial Design | Furniture design category | Israel 
2007 The Design Award of The ministry of Science Culture & Sport | Israel 
2006 The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Award for Industrial Design | Furniture design category | Israel 
2006  1st. prize Interior Innovation Award | inspired by Cologne 06  | imm Cologne, Germany 
2005 The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Award for Industrial Design | Industrial design category, Israel 
2004 The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Award for Industrial Design | Concept design category, Israel 


The Jewish Museum, New York , USA  
Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany  
The Israeli Parliament House Ceramics Collection, Israel
Design Museum Holon, Israel  
Clay Barr Yad collection, USA
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs collection, Japan Office
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, Italy


The Conversation Show | Design Museum Holon, Israel
Forms of Smiles | Design Museum Holon, Israel
Hope | Rishon Le Zion Museum, Israel
The Guiding Hand | Bernard Museum of Judaica, Ny, USA
Pointing the Way | The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Na-A-Se | The Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Terracotta Rave | Beyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center
Time Machines | Design Museum Holon, Israel
High Contrast | Seoul, Korea
In Between | Periscope Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Image | Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Higher View: From Aleppo to Jerusalem | JW#, London, UK
Violent Object | Vitrina Gallery, HIT, Holon, Israel
Rewriting History | Vitrina Gallery, HIT, Holon, Israel
Stools | Vitrina Gallery, HIT, Holon, Israel
Over View | Design Museum Holon, Israel
Golem | Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany
Al Hamakom | Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
47th IAC - Techno-Logical Instruments | Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, Barcelona, Spain
Connector: A Tribute to Ami Drach | Vitrina Gallery, HIT, Holon, Israel
High Contrast | TWDW, Taipei, Taiwan
Back to The Future | Shenkar Gallery, Ramat Gan, Israel
Molding Objects | Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Yes& | Triennale Museum Exhibition, Milan, Italy
Matter of Fact | Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Mishkan Haknesset collection exhibition | The Israeli Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel
Fresh Paint 8 | Contemporary Art and Design Fair, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Award Winning Exhibition | Hahanut Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
After 20 Years. Designing Rabin's Memory | Vitrina Gallery, HIT, Holon, Israel
Online Offline | Beit Meirov Gallery, Holon, Israel
Fresh Paint | Tel Aviv, Israel
Suspicious Objects | Migdal David Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Pushtit Notebook | Beit Hair, Tel Aviv, Israel
Design Tide Tokyo | DMH 2012, Tokyo, Japan
Designers plus 10 | Design Museum Holon, Israel
How To... | Design Hop, Dashilar, Beijing Design Week, China 
I Am an Other | Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Growth Curve | Jerusalem Design Week, Israel 
Post Fossil by Lee Edelkoort | Design Museum Holon, Israel 
Dream Object | Sotheby's, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Promisedesign | Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy 
Ceramic Bianalle | Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Granny Tales | Paradigma Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Unexpected guests | i Saloni 2010 at Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan, Italy 
From Mediterranean traditional to Israeli contemporary design | Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada 
Sequences; Identities | Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Reinventing rituals | Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, USA 
Yeshivat Hesder | Paradigma Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
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Reinventing ritual | The Jewish Museum, New York, USA 
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Winners 2008 | Haifa Museum, Israel 
One and All | The Jerusalem Artists House, Israel 
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ReOriented Design | The Saint-Etienne 2006 International Design Biennial, France 
Sofa Chicago | Navy Pier, Chicago, Ill, USA
Collect 06 | Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England 
Inspired by Cologne 06 | Interior Innovation Award, imm Cologne, Germany
Heart of Gold | Variety exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
The ministry of industry, trade and labor award exhibition | Tel Aviv, Israel
Beaten Gold | Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Promisedesign | International Furniture Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Promisedesign | Triennale museum, Milan, Italy 
Promisedesign | Designmai Festival, Berlin, Germany 
Rihutim 2005 | Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Design matters | Felissimo Design House, New York, USA 
2x2 two by two | Periscope Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
The Bread Show | Horace Richter Gallery, Old Jaffa, Israel 
Hot-Hot | Ascola Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Artic 5 | Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel 
Artic 4 | The Tel Aviv University Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Archetype | Horace-Richter Gallery, Old Jaffa, Israel 
Rihutim 2001 | Furniture fair, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2001